Tips for a Hunting Travel

Hunting is considered as an adventurous sport which could give people a lot of thrilling experiences. Like many other types of sports, if you involve in hunting and want to be a good hunter, it is sure that you need some certain knowledge about this game. Besides, you should equip yourself with some items or other knowledge to keep you safe during your hunting trip or rescue yourself and your friends in some emergencies occurring unexpectedly in the trip. The following tips will help you get an incredible hunting travel.

Dress appropriately

Dress appropriately

Don’t think that you just need to take the issues related to clothing in your consideration when you go to parties or something like that. In hunting trip, the ways you dress also affect the result you get at the end of the trip. Of course, you don’t need to wear fashionable clothes with beautiful accessories – this, on the contrary, makes it difficult for you to move around when hunting animals. Simply, let wear what is fit your body; avoid clothes that are too clumsy. In addition, you’d better not wear any accessories which could reflect the sunlight such as necklace, watch and glasses. Moreover, this type of entertainment often requires people to move on the various terrains, so choosing the best hunting boots is also a necessary task that any hunters have to do for better movements in the fields or woods. The high-quality boots, besides, will protect your feet from being hurt by shape prickles, rocks or even insects’ bite. (more…)

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Mango Cream Cake Is Cool And Delicious That Attracts Everyone

It is not difficult to make such a attractive and delicious mango cream cake.
– 1 chicken egg, 80gram wheat flour, 10gram corn starch
– 45gram melt cheese, 240 ml milk without sugar
– Cream: 200gram whipping cream, 50gram sugar, 1 sliced ripe mango

Mango cream cakeStep 1: Use the egg-beater machine to beat whipping cream and sugar blooming, set aside to pour in the middle of cake

Step 2: Beat the egg until melting and then pour milk without sugar and melt cheese to stir to combine.

Mango cream cakeAnd then, add wheat flour as well as corn starch to stir smoothly.

This mixture is passed through a sieve comb to be smooth, then wrap food film around and place in refrigerator to cool for 30 minutes.

Step 3: Getting non-stick pan on the stove with a little cooking oil, use a tissue to bind oil evenly around the pan but only a thin layer. Mango cream cake

Pour 1 tablespoon of flour and spread thinly after pan is heat. When you see the dry powder, take cake in a dish and continue to wipe the pan and pour flour as the first time.

Mango cream cakeStep 4: Take cake in a dish and then add cream, mango and roll the mixture back together.

You can put a few thin lines of chocolate on each cake to make cake more attractive. Mango cream cake should be stored in cool refrigerator incase of remains.

Mango cream cakeWishing you succeed in the mango cream cake recipe!

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Nick Clegg warns of bursting housing bubble in the UK

house-bubbleThe slow pace of building new homes in the nation along with the grim outlook of a bursting housing bubble caused tension in the cabinet today. Nick Clegg, Deputy Prime Minister said he was urging Chancellor George Osborne over the need to stimulate new housing developments in the United Kingdom.

The Deputy Prime Minister likewise stated it would be a “real folly” to “go for easy wins” because it would add to higher property prices, while at the same time not restraining them by building more homes. This comes on the background of the Chancellor’s recent announcement of more schemes that aim to help the UK’s housing market with the recent one being a £10?billion plan that aims to make mortgage loans more affordable for many.

Mr Clegg, however pointed out how property prices in the capital are getting out of hand and warned of a “significant gap” between plans that are supposed to help with construction of homes and the actual number of new homes being built. (more…)

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Experience In Taking An Excellent And Sharp Shot

Taking a nice shot of nature is always a dream of persons with the hobby of traveling and photography. There is some advice for travelling-keened photographers.

Landscape photography is usually a common hobby to keen photographers among professions and amateurs. To possess a nice nature photo with many different layers, it is required much at the photographer from the sharpness to the background of the picture. Here are some techniques to help the photograph-keened youngsters easily record each changing second of the nature.

Maximizing the depth-in-field

To create a more creative picture, some tried to shot landscape with a low depth of field. However, the commonly used technique is that the more points are taken, the nicer your picture will be. The best is choosing a small aperture (large parameter), the smaller the aperture is set, the deeper the depth of field should be.TAKING AN EXCELLENT AND SHARP SHOT

Using the tripod (more…)

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7 Tips For The Winter Travel Luggage

You should wear or coat the heaviest and the most cumbersome shirts to add more space for your suitcase; bring many T-shirts, thin sweater…etc

The tips below will help you not to hate traveling in the winter or coming to very cold places just because it is difficult to arrange thick clothes anymore.

  1.  Wearing the heaviest clothes

You should leave the heavy clothes such as felt shirts, coat, big jackets to wear or put on hands when boarding the plane. Try to stuff scarves, gloves, beanie in a pocket or in sleeves. This way, you have to spend a considerable space to the other furniture in the bag.winter travel luggage

  1. Using the vacuum bags

The bags are especially necessary if you go to the cold places and have to bring thick sweater or jacket more. You just need to put these shirts into the vacuum bag, all excessive air will escape and help you regain a lot of space needed in your suitcases.winter travel luggage (more…)

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10 Safest Countries In The World For Traveling

When choosing a location to travel abroad, the thing that you most concern is the issues about safety. Although we live in a real peace, the world still exists the dangers that we are not able to foresee. Nevertheless, the 10 countries in the following list are the exception and are they are a great choice for you to consult.

  1. Canada

Canada is one of the peaceful nations and has a prosperous economy in the world. Many of the job opportunities and immigration policies let people in this multicultural country in North American have the right to enjoy equal freedoms. Canada not only owns a rich source of natural resources but also attracts lots of tourists from around the world.Canada (more…)

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Enjoy Thrills On The Sea

Appearing in most of the Vietnamese beaches, kinds of adventure games such as paragliding, Jet Ski, scuba diving can bring different feelings to tourists although their cost is quite expensive.

 thrills on the sea
Paragliding is one of the most attractive thrills on the sea, operated by canoes and wind power to keep the parachute flying in the air. Being protected by the safe buckles surrounding your waist and hip, you will be suspended at a height of between 70 – 100m, from that position, you can freely contemplate a vast sea area from a unique view. The feeling of flying with the parachute alongside with the wind will certainly to be one of the most unforgettable experiences in your life. (more…)

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Tips to keep money safe while traveling

For a nice vacation, it is necessary to keep money in safety throughout the trip. However, what should you do? Here are some simple ways to keep you avoid of being alone without a penny in a new region.

  1. Keep dollar, only change a little local currency

Nowadays, dollar is circulated widely in all hotel and tourist destination so you can satisfy when keeping it for your journey. Remember to change a small amount local money that is enough for going out within a day. You should separate your total amount about $200 and keep them in 4 places: backpack, coat pocket, pants pocket, wallets, etc. In case your backpack was stolen, you still have another one to handle during the trip. (more…)

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Experience for traveling to Thailand

Basic things to remember:

  1. Always keep your passport with you. Don’t keep it together with money or other accessories
  2. Note down the contact information of your country’s Embassy in Thailand or TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand) in case that unexpected circumstances occur.
  • Transportation in Bangkok

From Suvanarbumi airport to the downtown:

Bangkok Skytrain (BTS):

If you don’t have a lot of luggage, and not want to get stuck in traffic, you should travel by Skytrain located in the basement B1. As it is fast, cheap, convenient… Skytrain is the most popular transport in Bangkok for locals and tourists. The ticket price is 5-10 baht (coins) in the automatic machines near the entrance. The fee is from 15-40 baht depending on your journey. There is a Skytrain every 3 minutes. Rush hour is from 7:00 to 09:00 and from 16:00 to 19:00. (more…)

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How to Overcome An Empty Property.

When the tenants of a property no longer live in it, it is known as a home void. Most of the time the property is only empty to get a quantity of weeks, but in some extremely unfortunate instances, some landlords can be with out tenants for some months. Exactly where this can be a rather big inconvenience for many landlords it can literally make or break others that have much more invested in the property’s require for occupancy. These that don’t have sufficient external earnings to support the mortgage on the property can rapidly find themselves becoming forced to take drastic measures like re-mortgaging their own property, which has the added danger of then putting their own house within the firing line This can’t be the case over once the landlord has other financial interests like a company.
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